According To Korea’s League Champions Korea, Bdd Has Won The Most Valuable Player Award For The Spring Split

According To Korea’s League Champions Korea, Bdd Has Won The Most Valuable Player Award For The Spring Split
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Gen.G mid laner Bdd has won the MVP of the LCK Spring Split, the Korean league revealed today.

Bdd accumulated a total of 137 MVP points, beating second-place Chovy and third-place Faker by a considerable margin.

The mid laner first came into form in 2017, after winning the LCK Summer Playoffs with Longzu Gaming. He had another promising year in 2018 but dipped in the standings in 2019. His move to KT Rolster proved to be a disaster, and he placed a disappointing ninth in the summer season.

But in 2020, he’s made a comeback. Bdd and jungler Clid have been the standout mid-jungle duo of the league, carrying the team to the top of the tables. The synergy between the two players has been insurmountable, and together, they barely lost a series.

Bdd played 14 different champions over the course of the Spring Split, prioritizing Zoe and Azir. His lane-dominant and teamfight-orientated playstyle led the team to success.

He was the engager and the initiator, and when his team fell behind, he was always there to clean up. In total, he had a 74 percent kill participation and a 6.73 KDA—the highest of any mid laner in the league.

Bdd will face his next opponent on Saturday, April 25 for the grand finals of the LCK Spring Playoffs. Faker’s T1 awaits him.

One thing to note is that Gen.G has not managed to win a single series from T1 since the 2018 Summer Split. Starting with the 2019 Spring Split, T1 has been on fire and won every time against the Gen.G line-up. Bdd has been the pinpoint for Gen.G’s dominance over the past split, he has been putting up an insane show on a variety of champions, ranging from Azir, Le’Blanc to Syndra, Zoe and many others.

The final battle tomorrow will decide which T1 jungler is stronger, Clid on the Gen.G’s side or Cuzz on T1’s side. This will be a true test of skill to both of them. While most fans were sad that Clid left the team in the off-season, Cuzz has been an insane pick-up and has been pulling up his weight.

Faker vs Bdd, the old as a tale match-up, who will emerge victorious in this battle of the titans in the mid lane, the 3 time former World Champion or the newly emerging rookie?

Tune in tomorrow on the LCK official broadcast to see who will emerge victorious between these two superstar teams.