Skull Is A New Action-Adventure Platform Game Headed For Pc And Console Audiences Later This Year

Skull Is A New Action-Adventure Platform Game Headed For Pc And Console Audiences Later This Year
Credit: Modus Games via Youtube

Join Skully as he takes on a second chance at life. Finish Line Games has shared a look at their upcoming title. A way is hidden right below the surface of the game, and it is up to Skully to play their part.

The story, design, and gameplay bring back memories of Banjo Kazooie and Spyro. There is an exciting adventure to be explored on an island full of lush greenery and danger. Roll across the world as an animated skull on a search for adventure. Using your small size and fast-rolling capabilities, explore the world from a strange and unique perspective.

Welcome to a remote island where a skull has washed up onshore. After being awakened by a powerful deity, the skull begins to intervene in a war of divine proportions. End the war and bring peace to the island that all the gods call home.

Skully takes players on a wonderful adventure as he enjoys his second chance at life. As you explore the island, you will find a conflict that is threatening to destroy it. This divine conflict can only be solved by you, a rolling animated skull.

The game gives Skully three forms to turn into. Each one seems tied to a core element, and uses its special abilities to overcome challenges and defeat enemies. As you gain control of each form, your powers will increase, making you a hard head to battle.

Hop, skip, roll, and explore your way to success. As you dodge obstacles, you will continue to learn more about yourself, the island, and the world around you. As a reanimated skull with the power of magic clay, this is a massive adventure to go on.

There are 18 different levels with seven distinct ecosystems to explore players will be met with tons of different dangers. Explore new environments full of creatures and monsters waiting to attack you.

The entire story has been fully voiced, giving it the feeling of life. All of the island’s inhabitants are voiced, and their colorful nature will be sure to provoke thoughts of island adventure.

For more information, be sure to join the official Modus discord channel. There interested fans can join the growing community, chat with the developers, and win free games.

Skully is planned for a full release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One as of August 4, 2020. Fans can wishlist the title on Steam and check out the trailer and screenshots as well.