Nintendo Announces Four New Games Coming To Their Virtual NES And SNES Consoles Via Switch

Nintendo Announces Four New Games Coming To Their Virtual NES And SNES Consoles Via Switch
Credit: Kotaku

Nintendo has been one of the core developers of the childhood of a collective generation. There are few gamers born in the last forty or so years that can say they haven’t been shaped in some way by the developers.

Whether it was playing Pokémon on a GameBoy using a lamp to light the screen or trying over and over to perfect your run through a level on any of the seemingly-endless Mario games, Nintendo has been one of the absolute most key points of gaming for nearly as long as gaming has been popular.

It’s these classic titles that so many of us grew up on that Nintendo regularly revives, bringing the older gems to their more modern platforms. Those of us that have a Nintendo Switch also have access to virtual consoles that bring the NES and SNES directly onto our Switch.

Unfortunately, the gaming library is a bit limited, bringing a few dozen gems as well as a handful of games that some may not be as familiar with. Thankfully, that library is ever-growing, and got just a bit bigger today!

Nintendo has announced that the NES and SNES will be getting four more titles added to their virtual consoles on May 20th. This pushes the total to more than eighty games between the two consoles combined!

The four aren’t split up equally, though; NES will be getting only one title, whereas SNES will be receiving three. Additionally, it’s worth saying that the titles being added aren’t exactly the classic Nintendo titles that come to mind when you think of the developer, though they’re still quite interesting.

NES’s virtual console will be getting the classic title Rygar. Originally released in 1986, this side-scroller places players in a fantastical world as they guide The Legendary Warrior to defeat the evil lord Ligar and free the land of Argool.

For SNES, our first title is 1993’s Operation Logic Bomb, a well-received title with a playstyle similar to titles like Contra and Metroid. Players control a cybernetic soldier that adds to their arsenal as the game progresses.

Second is Panel de Pon, a title similar to many that we still play today. Somewhat of a Tetris-like game, players work to match blocks to clear their board and earn as many points as possible.

Finally, we have Wild Guns, a 1994 shooting gallery release that has been historically highly acclaimed. Set in a futuristic wild west, players follow the story of Annie and Clint as they work to avenge the death of Annie’s family.