Nintendo Plans On Producing More Switches After Suffering A National Shortage

Nintendo Plans On Producing More Switches After Suffering A National Shortage
Credit: SwitchForce via YouTube

The coronavirus has impacted a lot of people around the world these past couple of months. It all escalated so fast and will undoubtedly have huge ramifications for the economy moving forward. That includes the gaming industry.

Since people have been left to stay indoors in efforts to curb the spread of this serious virus, gaming has been on the rise. That has in turn increased the demand for Nintendo Switches. It’s one of the most popular consoles right now, particularly because of its hybrid design.

Gamers can take their gaming on the go with the vibrant and portable screen. The demand has been so high these past few months that’s it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a Switch in stock at major outlets. That includes both BestBuy and GameStop.

This has caused a lot of frustration with gamers eager to check out the unique system for the first time. It has also lead to select sellers buying units and then doubling their retail price as to make a profit.

It’s not all doom and gloom for those looking to get their hands on the highly sought after console while most of the world is still in lock down. According to Nintendo, more standard editions of the Switch — the one that costs $300 — will be sent out to retailers. That’s according to a recent email they sent out to GameStop.

Until then, your best bet is to probably get a packaged system at GameStop. It may be a special edition and be a little more expensive, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You might also have luck trying to get your hands on the Switch Lite.

It’s not a hybrid system. Rather, it just has a portable design with a smaller screen. Still, the upside here is $100 in savings. That might be worth considering if you plan on using the unit strictly while on the go anyway, be it to work or on some errands.

Times have been pretty crazy for a lot of industries lately, but it’s good to see the gaming community doing its best to make the most out of this bad situation. Hopefully, Nintendo is able to get out more Switch units to retailers as quickly as possible. There is a huge demand for gaming and Nintendo can be a beacon of light during these dark times.

Should you get your hands on a Switch, you have an incredible library of games to look forward to. The great additions won’t be stopping any time soon either.