New Rust Voice Prop DLC Won’t Let You Play Custom URLs, But It’s Still A Lot Of Fun

New Rust Voice Prop DLC Won’t Let You Play Custom URLs, But It’s Still A Lot Of Fun
Credit: Facepunch

If you thought playing Rust was an assault on your ears before, wait until you drop into a game with the new Voice Prop DLC. There are megaphones, speakers, and mobile phones. It’s chaos. Total, total chaos.

Now imagine that the DLC arrived as was originally intended: with the ability for players to play custom URLs through the various props. Yes. That’s any URL on the internet. When you think about it, it’s not a surprise that it was turned off at the last second.

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Regardless of whether or not players can play whatever they want through the Voice Props, the DLC is still a lot of fun. Blasting the Macarena at full volume while you assault someone’s base is just pure Rust.

There is a select library of sounds and music to play, chosen (somewhat selectively) by the devs. You can also extend your own voice through the megaphone, for example. Midnight crooning just got a whole lot easier.

Organic situations and hilarity are what Rust does best. The random encounters shared between strangers (if you manage to get past the spawn) is why the game remains popular, even with its frequent bugs and typically pretty terrible performance on consoles.

The Voice Props arrive as a DLC rather than as a free upgrade, although there are plenty of other updates that arrive alongside their introduction to the game.

One that has stuck out is the new wounding system. It’s currently completely broken. You go down, crawl away, pick yourself up, and whatever you do you are always wounded. Blood covers the screen and you can’t do anything. You move at a snail’s pace until you die again. Broken. Completely broken.

A new set of AI is now present at the Trainyard and Airfield monuments, those pesky Scientists are back to make these areas a bit harder to deal with. According to the official patch notes, these AI will be added to other monuments in the future.

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A few other new changes arrive as well, including DLSS support, birds that fly off trees during all the new chaos, you can flip over a rowboat much easier than you could before, and the AI has been improved across the board in an attempt to balance out how buggy things could get on a busy server.

You can check out the full patch notes here.