Rust March Update Introduces An Underground Tunnel Network To Connect Different Parts Of The Map

Rust March Update Introduces An Underground Tunnel Network To Connect Different Parts Of The Map
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

It’s March and that means it’s time for another Rust update. This update introduces a sophisticated underground tunnel network and new game mechanics to go with it.

This rail network connects different areas of the map, and you can ride the rails with work carts and encounter tunnel dwellers along the way.

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The train network connects major landmarks dotted around Rust’s map, such as the existing Military Tunnels and the Launch Site. Everything will be clearly laid out on the map.

These tunnels aren’t just dark and lifeless holes, but a land of opportunity, of valuable loot and items, and a population of mean tunnel dwellers who don’t like to be disturbed.

You also won’t have to walk the tunnels. If you’ve got the fuel you can jump into one of the two drivable work carts located at each station. These can take damage, especially if you encounter any other carts on the tracks, but you can repair them.

This is an interesting update that adds a whole new dimension to the map. The combat down in the tunnels will probably be a lot of fun, and you can expect some hit-and-run work cart chaos.

Alongside the new tunnels and mechanics, there are three new slot machines located at Bandit Town, with payouts of up 6,000 scrap. No matter what your opinion on the slots is, they’re here to stay.

Full patch notes will be released tonight at 7 pm GMT / 11:oo AM PST. There’s expected to be some more information about how the tunnels work and a few details about upcoming server maintenance.

Hopefully, there might also be some information about Rust for consoles. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of when to expect the full release of the game on Xbox, but there is still nothing guaranteed.

That being said, the game has entered closed beta for Console Edition and there was a recent teaser trailer that suggests the game might be arriving sooner rather than later.

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Good news for Facepunch and Double Eleven, as Valheim has stormed to success over the past few weeks, and the Console Edition might just be what’s needed to put Rust back on the map.

Keep your eyes open for the extended March patch notes for Rust that arrive later today.