Hearthstone Top Decks Adds All Ashes Of Outland Cards To Their Website

Hearthstone Top Decks Adds All Ashes Of Outland Cards To Their Website
Credit: Hearthstone via YouTube

Hearthstone Top Decks has just added all of the new Ashes of Outland cards to their website for players to use in theory-crafting decks. Over 100 cards have been added in total, with 45 of them being exclusive to the new playable hero class, Demon Hunter.

Ashes of Outland brings the Warcraft-themed card game to the first World of Warcraft expansion that was ever released, The Burning Crusade, taking adventurers back to the shattered world of what was once Draenor, the birthplace of the Orcs and refuge of the Draenei. Illidan fled to this place during the events of Warcraft, eventually becoming the self-proclaimed Lord of Outland.

Now he’s back with his demon hunters and a sizeable army of minions charging into the game. There’s a great amount of variety being added in with his 45 cards, including a handful of legendaries. Many of these cards are highly aggressive or hinder the enemy, like the 1-cost Mana Burn that reduces your opponent’s Mana Crystals by two for their next turn. Much of the Demon Hunter playstyle seems based on not being afraid to take damage and then healing it back up with lifesteal mechanics.

In terms of curve, the Demon Hunter class has the following count of cards at each cost:

  •  0-cost x 2
  • 1-cost x 6
  • 2-cost x 9
  • 3-cost x 7
  • 4-cost x 5
  • 5-cost x 8
  • 6-cost x 1
  • 7-cost x 2
  • 8-cost x 3
  • 9-cost x 2

There are no 10-cost cards that are exclusive to Demon Hunter, but with how powerful some of the cards are, you won’t be needing any. There’s a stunningly high number of ways to grab a surprise lethal with the loadout here. Cards like the 8-cost Inner Demon, which gives your hero +8 attack for the turn, will be excellent for taking an enemy with a seemingly-safe amount of health out before they know what happened.

Of the 45 cards, 4 are legendaries, including 3 minions that those knowledgeable about the lore will recognize (Altruis, Kayn Sunfury, and Nethrandamus) as well as 1 spell. Kayn Sunfury will undoubtedly become an important part of plenty of aggression-based decks, given that he gives friendly minions the ability to ignore Taunts on their opponent’s side. With there being so many Rush and Charge cards in the Demon Hunter arsenal, ignoring Taunt will be another incredibly useful way to unexpectedly take your opponent down.

That’s just a look at the Demon Hunter cards, though. There are more than 100 cards being added across the board, with some being specific to each class and some being available to throw into your deck no matter who you’re playing.