New Atari VCS 400 And Atari VCS 800 Consoles To Be Available In March 2020

New Atari VCS 400 And Atari VCS 800 Consoles To Be Available In March 2020
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

The upcoming Atari VCS retro console will be available in two variants. And they are designed according to the budget and preferences of consumers.

The device is inspired by the tech company’s world-famous video computer system, which was released originally in September 1977. This product quickly became popular because of the innovation it introduced to the gaming community.

The very first Atari VCS, the 2600 model, was known for utilizing a ROM and microprocessor. It jumpstarted the use of a ROM cartridge to save the games that can be played in the console.

While the anticipated unit is patterned after the classic version, it does not mean that it comes out the same. Considering the advancement in technology, Atari is also keeping up with the competition, especially with its many competitors. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have been innovating to keep their markets.

In the case of Atari, it has picked the AMD Ryzen processor to run its forthcoming console. In the meantime, its operating system is Linux-based. The new Atari VCS is also built with a graphics technology from Radeon. With these specifications, it is capable of playing data-heavy games, downloading content, and streaming 4K HDR videos.

Amid its modern features, the manufacturer has retained its original look. This is Atari’s way of making players reminisce about their childhood days. It could be a chance, too, for past gamers to share some memories with their young ones.

When it comes to the variants of the new Atari VCS, players can choose between the 400 and 800. The former comes with a built-in memory of 4GB. Its RAM, though, can be upgraded should gamers need more. Meanwhile, the latter boasts of an upgradable RAM of 8GB.

If consumers would go for the affordable 400 model, they have to decide which controller to take. It could be the classic joystick or the modern one. On the other hand, the 800 variant is offered with one of the two options.

The Atari VCS is available in onyx, carbon gold, and black walnut colors. Orders can be placed through the Atari or GameStop websites. The retro-themed, classic-looking Atari VCS was first announced in 2017.

Back in October, the company denied the rumors insinuating that their new VCS would no longer be launched. Accordingly, Atari was experiencing hardships in developing the console. Nevertheless, it was firm in saying that the project is doing fine.

The Atari VCS is expected to drop by March 2020.