Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Teases It’s Upcoming Fifth Expansion, Fatalis

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Teases It’s Upcoming Fifth Expansion, Fatalis
Credit: Monster Hunter via Youtube

It seems as though Monster Hunter: World is now back on track after the Iceborne expansion managed to flay its playability on PC as the upcoming fifth free content update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with Fatalis, a historic dragon that is more than keen to rip apart everyone’s faces while they manage to down it.

Capcom has a weird fetish for killing its players.

The newest announcing the upcoming content update runs a minute in length and doesn’t show much beyond the Fatalis showing how they earned that name.

This legendary creature will undoubtedly prove to be the demise of more than a handful of aspiring Monster Hunters, from the newly minted to the grizzled veterans of the force.

The creature was originally introduced in the OG title of the franchise on PlayStation 2, Monster Hunter (and was featured on the cover art), and has been a consistent staple in the series since then as a destroyer of worlds and general genocidal creature that wipes parties with relative ease.

The good news is that Fatalis abilities are generally readable, as he has a few moves that most dragons tend to use.

His ability to belch a stream of fire towards adventurers can be coupled with fine dust (like Teostra) that he spreads throughout the air; it explodes when ignited, effectively cutting down the playable area that you can safely face the mythical beast in. Along with a tail-whip that slaps and a heavy chomp ability to take care of anyone that strays too close to the beast, and you’ll need to use every trick of the trade to face this historic crusher of parties.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, his breakable areas consisted of two on his face (a dangerous ploy as you’ll need to get close to the jaws), one on the wing, and one on his chest. It’s presumed that the breakable areas will remain similar in his upcoming appearance on Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, although there are theories that his tail will be removable as well in this iteration.

The materials that are received from competently breaking away parts of Fatalis will inevitably be included in new weapons and armor as is the norm, bringing the newest power level ever-higher.

It’s further theorized that Iceborne will be the last ‘true’ expansion to Monster Hunter: World to allow for new designs and mechanics that come out and intrigue players, while in fascinating new environments. Note that this content is exclusive to owners of Iceborne.