The First Update To Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak Introduces New Creatures And In-Game Missions

The First Update To Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak Introduces New Creatures And In-Game Missions
Credit: vgc

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s first update, which will add new enemies and difficulties, has been explained in great detail by Capcom.

The remastered edition will be accessible starting on Wednesday, August 10, according to producers Ryozo Tsujimoto and Yoshitake Suzuki.

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The release contains the reintroduction of popular creatures as well as an expansion of the Anomaly Quest system for more difficulties and bonuses.

Players of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will establish new Event Quests each week after the patch in addition to the content that arrives on Wednesday for hunters who have attained Master Rank 10.

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A summary for the venerable creature that was recently introduced to the game states, “Lucent Nargacuga, last seen in 2013’s Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, refracts moonlight off its dazzling white fur into becoming practically invisible, save for its blazing red eyes.”

Even the most skilled hunters will find it to be a punishing target due to its continuous strikes and remarkable speed.

This crafty predator makes its home in the recently renovated Forlorn Arena, which is distinguished by collapsing stone colonnades and buildings. Hunters must get ready for Seething Bazelgeuse to crash the party with its very volatile dynamite scales as if one hidden foe weren’t enough to deal with.

In addition to new affected creatures like Lunagaron and Magma Almudron that may be obtained by advancing through the new Anomaly Investigation Quests, the patch will also contain the new Five-Star ranking for anomaly quests.
The patch will also include the addition of a brand-new quest system called anomaly investigations. These quests give randomly generated variables, such as target creatures, locations, and hunter counts, at ever higher difficulty levels. In addition, there should be a new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak patch in September.