Days Gone Composer Talks About The Soundtrack And The Kind Of Music Deacon May Like

Days Gone Composer Talks About The Soundtrack And The Kind Of Music Deacon May Like
Credit: Gamespot Trailer via YouTube

Years after the game went into full production, Sony’s exclusive action-adventure survival horror game, Days Gone, has finally arrived. While the game has some mixed reviews, everyone can agree that Days Gone’s official soundtrack is the bomb. It fits the whole mood of the apocalypse and perfectly represents the melancholy and spirit of Earth’s last humans.

The original soundtrack score is composed by Nathan Whitehead, who has also created compositions for some blockbuster films. Whitehead has worked with films such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, The Purge franchise, and many more.

There are a total of 25 songs in the soundtrack. And it also features the works of Zander Reese, Billy Raffoul, and Jack Savoretti. Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is also featured with the track “Days Gone Quiet.”

Gamespot recently got in touch with Days Gone composer, Nathan Whitehead, to talk about the soundtrack. In their interview, Whitehead shared how he became attached to the project.

According to him, Sony Bend Studio’s creative director John Garvin heard his music for The Purge: Anarchy. This resulted in some meeting with the music team of Sony and then eventually followed by John. Things worked out perfectly, and Whitehead was then invited into the team.

Since this is unlike the other medium he wrote for, Whitehead discussed the challenges and opportunities he got to experience.

One of these is how the game features a huge open world experience as well as a powerful story alongside it. Video games like Days Gone are interactive mediums which can have so many things that could happen at any moment. Whitehead had to combine both these elements in creating his music.

Days Gone has a complex storyline that evokes so many opposing forces. From the hope and tragedy of life, the beauty of nature and the dangers that lurk within – it shows everything. And as the story goes along, players can even feel Deacon’s internal struggles with fears and regrets.

Whitehead wanted his music to have Deacon’s bravery and determination. And he wanted to match it with Deacon’s biker culture to make it believable.

Additionally, the tracks features grimy and spooky vibe and Whitehead mentions that this is informed by the Pacific Northwest setting. He adds that the combination of folk Americana and rock felt right for the setting and the biker culture.

In the interview, Whitehead also shared the kind of music he thinks Deacon likes. He listed Alice in Chains and Prophets of Rage.

But he also mentions that Deacon would also occasionally listen to Bon Iver or The National Days Gone Original Soundtrack is available and can be heard on multiple digital distributions and streaming platforms.

It can be purchased through PlayStation Music, Google Play Music, and iTunes. The soundtrack can also be heard on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music.