Marvel’s Avengers’ Cosmetics Were Just Discussed In Detail By Developer And Publisher

Marvel’s Avengers’ Cosmetics Were Just Discussed In Detail By Developer And Publisher
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

We’re just a couple of days away from the release of Marvel’s Avengers, the action game that lets players finally enjoy some of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history.

The developer — Crystal Dynamics — has done a good job at keeping the hype going with their War Table presentations as well as revealing details on their Twitter page.

Ahead of the September 4th release, both Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have shared details on the game’s cosmetics. That has been a lingering concern gamers have had about this title ever since it was first teased.

Of course, players will want to customize the look of their characters — but at what cost? Fortunately, the developer and publisher aren’t keeping interested onlookers in suspense. They just shared details on cosmetics and their battle pass system, Hero Challenge Cards.

As far as cosmetics, they can be purchased using a real-money store. Cosmetics can also be earned throughout a player’s progression. As far as the types of cosmetics that will be available, there are four distinct categories.

They include outfits, emotes, takedowns, and nameplates. Outfits are the most dramatic way to give your selected hero a makeover and it’s safe to assume they’ll probably be the most expensive. Emotes are the expressions your character can show off during cinematic scenes, which is kind of unique because it lets players customize the aesthetics of the story.

Takedowns are animations for finishing moves. Once a particular finishing sequence grows tired, you can switch it out for something novel and intriguing. Then there are nameplates, which go directly under your gamertag.

The cosmetic points you earn through playing the game are called units, while the cosmetics you actually buy are purchased using credits. The latter cosmetics can be found on the official Marketplace.

All in all, it seems like a standard cosmetic system for a game featuring multiple characters. There doesn’t seem to be a huge pay-to-play system, which is reassuring. Rather, players that want to change up their characters’ visual aesthetics can shell out money if they so choose.

We’re only a couple of days away from Marvel’s Avengers‘ release. Can it live up to the hype like the blockbuster movies? That remains to be seen, but either way, reviews should start pouring in here pretty soon. Let’s see if the diverse cast of superheroes and the story can reel people in out of the gate.