Latest The Sims 4 Patch Resolves Non-Stop Knitting And Stealing From Neighbors

Latest The Sims 4 Patch Resolves Non-Stop Knitting And Stealing From Neighbors
Credit: The Sims via YouTube

The Sims 4 continues to update with every new major content release. Since a major base game update earlier this Summer that added firefighters and ladders, the Expansion Pack Eco Lifestyle, and the community voted Stuff Pack Nifty Knitting, the game has had several game-breaking issues for many players.

The Sims team has recently released a new patch for PC and consoles that covers a variety of issues across multiple DLC. The most recent patch numbers are PC:, Mac:, and Console: Version 1.30.

The patch will automatically download and install as soon as Origin or consoles are on. Players won’t have to do any additional work unless they don’t have automatic updates activated.

The full details of the patch are now up on the official The Sims forums. The patch is specifically for the base game, Cats and Dogs, Eco Lifestyle, Dine Out, Nifty Knitting, and one minor change for the Xbox One regarding the EA Access logo change.

The base game received the most patches overall. The patch resolved “Error 134:64b8a94a” which means the game has failed to load, and players were prompted to reload the game. The curvature issue with roofs was also resolved. Two more fixes included Spark’d related challenges in the Gallery.

For Cats and Dogs, pets will eat by themselves and not when they’re told. This was a nuisance for those who didn’t want to micromanage their cats and dogs.

Eco Lifestyle had a major quality of life update. There was a major annoying issue when the game launched related to Neighborhood plans. Sims would constantly steam objects from lots, even without the “Kleptomaniac” trait. Another issue resolved some of the missing traits of lots. Now “Green” lots will get to view the Aurora Borealis and other phenomena correctly.

Nifty Knitting has resolved an issue where Sims would continuously knit autonomously. Sims should now knit occasionally, or whenever the player commands the activity. Dine Out solved the issue of duplicated food and drinks, or options to be completely missing.

These patch items may seem minor, but they can mean a lot to The Sims players. When Sims continue to do actions autonomously, they may be marked absent for work or end up dying because their needs run too low.

The latest patch is available now. The Sims 4 is available on PC/Mac and consoles.