New Archetypes, Badges, And Takeovers Revealed For NBA 2K20 MyPlayer Mode

New Archetypes, Badges, And Takeovers Revealed For NBA 2K20 MyPlayer Mode
Credit: 2K Sports via YouTube

While publisher 2K hasn’t revealed the details for this year’s MyCareer mode, a select few got an early look at the MyPlayer builder during this past Thursday’s NBA 2K20 community day. Of course, those who were able to get an early peek at 2K’s annual NBA game were kind enough to share some details regarding the archetypes, badges, and takeovers for custom players.


  • Archetypes will be formed based on which stats players invest in the most.
  • A pie chart that measures playmaking, shooting, defense, and defense as its four points.
  • When you’re finished creating your player, the game will tell you who your NBA comparison is.
  • Builds can be tested at every overall level before being finalized.
  • You can create your attribute caps.
  • Attributes for stretch bigs will be restricted past a certain height.
  • Female character builds will be included.
  • Players will be able to achieve a 99 overall rating faster in 2K20.


  • Of the 80 confirmed badges, 21 of them are directly related to driving and slashing.
  • After each game, your player will receive badge points, attribute points, and VC. Unlike in previous years, VC will be spent on cosmetic items, while the attribute points will go towards your skills.
  • Players can pick which badges they want their player to have.
  • You will gain badge slots as your overall increases.
  • Badges can be upgraded, added, and removed at-will.
  • There’s a new shooting badge called Quickdraw which speeds up the release of your jump shot.
  • Also making its debut in NBA 2K2o is a badge called Ice in my Veins.
  • The dribbling badges in 2K20 include Handles for Days, Unpluckable, Tight Handles, and Stop and Go.
  • There’s also a badge that will increase shooting while inside hot zones.


  • There are no double takeovers.
  • Takeovers can be chosen before each game and can be changed later in the MyPlayer editor.
  • 2K20’s takeovers will be directly related to your player’s stats.
  • There’s at least one new takeover in this year’s game, but the details on it haven’t been revealed.

Over the last few years, 2K has added a narrative and cutscenes into their MyCareer mode, although, at least as of this writing, it doesn’t look like this year’s game will have a story tied into its career mode.

NBA 2K20 is set to release on all platforms in just a couple of weeks, as it’ll be made available on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 6.