Invictus Games’ Dustoff Z Confirms October Release Just In Time For Halloween

Invictus Games’ Dustoff Z Confirms October Release Just In Time For Halloween
Credit: Dustoff Z via YouTube

Publisher Zordix and developer Invictus Games have announced an upcoming game set during a zombie apocalypse. The game was previously announced months ago, along with the store pages, but both companies have now announced the release date.

Dustoff Z is an upcoming rescue-based action game where the player takes control of a helicopter pilot. Instead of trying to fight off hordes of the undead, players are tasked with rescuing survivors in unique ways. The pilot’s job is to rescue as many survivors as possible during the middle of a zombie apocalypse. The zombies can run and jump in the air, making the pilot’s job more difficult. Fortunately, the player can build custom helicopters to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Players have to ensure their helicopter can get close enough to pick up survivors, but also avoid hordes of zombies. The game is physics-based, so the helicopter has to maneuver through various obstacles.

A new trailer for Dustoff Z showcases the game in action. Players can build unique helicopters and rescue survivors, then drop them off at various safe locations. The undead are portrayed in humorous ways, making it a game that younger players could enjoy. For example, the undead aren’t portrayed like grotesque creatures like in some games. When they’re attacked, they emit a green slime instead of blood.

Players who have trouble keeping the undead away can hire additional help. Gunners can ride along and help with rescue missions by shooting the hordes of undead. The paid help can provide additional assistance with protective convoys and destroying obstacles that can act as distractions for zombies.

The helicopter’s winch is a helpful tool that will help in a variety of missions. Players can pick up supplies, place defenses for the base, grab shipping containers to use as battle rams, and even bringing back zombies to analyze,

The upcoming game has both solo and co-op. Players can take on the missions by themselves or ask a friend to join in by controlling the helicopter’s guns. Wit a friend’s assistance, players don’t have to hire on extra help.

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Dustoff Z launches on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 15.