Konami Has Announced That The Solomon Program Will Be Getting A Release On The Nintendo Switch, A New Monster-Battling Game Enters the Arena

Konami Has Announced That The Solomon Program Will Be Getting A Release On The Nintendo Switch, A New Monster-Battling Game Enters the Arena
Credit: Konami

Konami has announced another game for the Nintendo Switch. Their next major project appears to be Solomon Program, which was officially revealed through the latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine. Solomon Program is scheduled to be a Switch exclusive, and the first few pieces of artwork have appeared alongside the announcement.

A special manga will debut in the next issue of CoroCoro’s sister magazine Mira Coro Comic on January 17. This manga will be set in Solomon Program and give an inside look at the plot that has yet to come. The magazine will also include a code for a demo of the game itself.

Konami announces new game Solomon Program exclusively for the Nintendo Switch! from NintendoSwitch

Solomon Program is a strategy RPG that features monsters that you battle through programs. It will feature a wide variety of wonderful and weird creatures for players to take into the arena. This makes it a direct competitor for Pokemon and other monster battlers that have come before it.

There is very little information on this game, and it is still unsure whether it will reach western shores upon release, but it looks amazing, and fans are already discussing the possibilities within this title. Several images have surfaced, including the tie-wearing protagonist Beta and a very creepy looking skeletal warrior Gishiki.

The game is sure to take a traditional, almost Digimon art style based on what has been released. On the leaked cover, there is a dragon, some ninjas, and what appears to be a cat wearing a mask. This makes many fans think the game will take a more Yu-Gi-Oh approach to its design while still retaining an RPG styling.

Things are going to be up in the air until more information about the game is released. There is sure to be tons revealed in the upcoming MiraCoro Comic and on CoroCoro’s official magazine. Hopefully, this game stands well among its competition rather than simply disappearing like other smaller Konami titles.

Konami has really worked hard in the last few years to end back up in the headlines. This game could possibly push them into the big leagues once again, but there is also a chance that this project ends up a disaster. The battle-monster world is very competitive, and creating games for that genre can end up either massively successful or completely flopping.

As information rolls out about this upcoming title, fans are sure to get a stronger understanding of what will be included in this game. Once everyone knows what this game is about, then predictions will start to come into closer focus.