Sony Possibly Building Up to PlayStation 5 Launch for Upcoming Experience PlayStation Event

Sony Possibly Building Up to PlayStation 5 Launch for Upcoming Experience PlayStation Event
Credit: CNET via YouTube

The last year has been filled with plenty of rumors on the possible upcoming release of Sony’s fifth PlayStation console, aptly named the PlayStation 5. Despite this, there’s been no official announcement of release, meaning that the industry has only been abuzz with rumors.

Some of this was lent credence when Microsoft announced their upcoming new series of Xbox, causing others to feel that Sony may make their announcement soon to avoid getting left behind in the public eye. However, E3 2019 went by without any news of the release, and it seems that Sony is planning on skipping out on the next E3 as well, drastically cutting chances of fans hearing anything at that massive event.

But while E3 may be arguably the largest gaming event of the year, it’s far from the only event that a company could use to make an announcement. Sony will be holding their Experience PlayStation event this February in Madison Avenue, New York.

To be clear, though, this is pure fan speculation, and Sony hasn’t given anything concrete to fuel the fires of the rumor mill. The event is intended to “celebrate 25 years of Play with a collection of titles on PS4 and PS VR.” There’s no mention to be found of upcoming consoles or any possible announcements. If anything, the highlighting of the PlayStation 4 for the event seems to suggest that they’re still focusing on their current generation of consoles before moving on.

Still, why would that stop the rumor mill? There’s been gossip since 2019 that Sony would be giving more concrete evidence in February of 2020, and this certainly matches up with that. Another argument is that Sony obviously wouldn’t say in the description of the event that they intend to announce a new console at the event, or that description itself would essentially be the announcement.

Without confirmation on these things, the gaming community continues to run rampant with rumors. Even the seeming “confirmation” of Sony skipping out on E3 2020 is a rumor based on unspecified sources, which then spread like wildfire throughout the gaming community. Social media helps fuel these wildfires, and obviously Sony won’t be changing their announcement schedule simply off of community hype, but it would be fantastic to see just enough of a reveal to put the rumors to rest.

The PlayStation Experience event will be running from January 14th to January 16th, so if you’re able to make it to the event, you may be able to see gaming history in the making