Igdrasil Studio Announces War of Ashird’s Collector’s Edition Still Available

Igdrasil Studio Announces War of Ashird’s Collector’s Edition Still Available
Credit: War of Ashird Official Website

Igrasil Studio wrapped up its successful War of Ashird Kickstarter crowdfunding project earlier this year. The game was funded in 12 hours, along with multiple stretch goals.

Crowdfunding has ended, but players still have the opportunity to purchase a physical version of the game. Usually, when the crowdfunding campaign has ended, players who missed out have to wait until the game is out for the public. On Kumiho Soft’s website, there is now a PayPal option for those who can’t use Kickstarter but still want to support the project.

There are multiple reward tiers for the Collector’s Edition and additional digital rewards. The Collector’s Edition contains the game in normal packaging for PC, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch, original audio soundtrack on physical CD, Wonderland of Ashird book by Satchely, and a letter from the creators in a special Collector’s Edition box. The items are also available separately.

A special package is also available for those who donated to the Kickstarter campaign. The Backer’s Adventure pack includes Backer Sword, a set of Backer Armor, and a Backer Rune. Depending on the donation tier, players may receive up to three additional rewards.

Kumiho Soft’s website allows players to select the tier of their choice and then donate through PayPal. All of the tiers are currently available. For the physical rewards, players should note that they won’t ship out until around October 2021.

It’s unknown how long Kumiho Soft will have this Kickstarter-alternative backing option available. Players interested in having a piece of the game should purchase it while it’s still available. Otherwise, the first release of the game on PC won’t be out until next year.

War of Ashird stars Deegan, a young hunter who ended up joining the Kingdom of Ceredia’s army. The game covers Deegan’s rise from young recruit to a castle-owning Lord. If Deegan is ambitious enough, he can rise to become a kind king or evil tyrant.

War of Ashird combines turn-based combat with grid-based RPGs. Players use strategic movies to command their soldiers in battle, conquer enemy territory, and rule their region. There are over 20 playable recruitable unique characters. Players also have 20 cities to visit and partake in events and guild quests.

War of Ashird launches in 2021 on PC via Steam and in 2022 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.