Hitman 3’s PSVR Mode Has A Lot Of Potential, According To Recent GIF Shared By Developer

Hitman 3’s PSVR Mode Has A Lot Of Potential, According To Recent GIF Shared By Developer
Credit: PlayStation Europe via YouTube

Hitman has been a stellar series all things considered. It has thrived for many years, seeing improvements with every new installment.

The reboot that started back in 2016 changed the game for this series, though. It created open-sandbox experiences that upped the freedom for players choosing how they take out targets.

Having difficulty moving through crowds of people? A sniping approach was usually best. Or players can approach these games without a concrete plan and adapt to the situations and environments around them.

Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 both excelled in the versatility department. Now, IO Interactive has their sights set on Hitman 3, a highly anticipated sequel that could be the best installment to date.

Once again, players will get to take on the role of Agent 47 — one of the most lethal and skilled assassins in video game history. This time, he’ll have beautiful new locations to put his stealth skills to the test, including Dubai, England, and Dartmoor.

Not only that, but this upcoming installment is getting PSVR support. It will be the first time this series has featured VR technology. In theory, it has a lot of promise. Taking out targets in the reboots has already been an immersive experience, but adding in the PSVR for passionate fans will make things even more realistic.

Imagine walking through crowded streets like you’re actually Agent 47. The tension will be greater and the action will be even more memorable. And based on just a short GIF IO Interactive put up on their Twitter page, Hitman 3 in VR looks like a fantastic idea in actual practice.

The GIF shows Agent 47 clocking an unsuspecting enemy with a crowbar just as he turns around. It’s a short sequence, but an impactful one. You get a better picture of the enhanced immersion.

We still have a bit to go in terms of Hitman 3’s release for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, but IO Interactive has a promising installment on their hands. It will cap off the World of Assassination trilogy and it looks like the developer is going out with a bang.

Even if you’ve never really taken to VR technology, it sounds like a match made in heaven for the Hitman series. Where else could you become a deadly assassin and put your skills to the test in jaw-dropping environments, like you’re there in person? It sounds like a recipe for success.