The Hitman Developer Has Assured Stadia Users That It Is Working On A Method To Upload Game Saves

The Hitman Developer Has Assured Stadia Users That It Is Working On A Method To Upload Game Saves
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After the announcement that Google will be closing down its cloud gaming service Stadia, several developers, such as IO Interactive, Ubisoft, and Bungie, have stated that they are already looking into how to enable players to move their progress from the cloud gaming service onto other stations.

IO Interactive was one of the first firms to describe the situation. The game’s developer has acknowledged that it is aware of the concerns voiced by fans and stated that it is already investigating different ways players might carry on with their Hitman adventures in other settings.

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Even though the studio hasn’t disclosed all of the specifics yet, the crew already has some thoughts on how it could be accomplished. Players on Stadia are, as you might anticipate and hope will be the case, currently showing a good deal of excitement about it. Someone admitted that they had purchased the game just two days before the unfortunate news was announced; nonetheless, they should ask for a refund instead of keeping the game.

It should be noted that the Danish developer is one of many companies in existence to have acknowledged the problem.

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Ubisoft has already told The Verge that it is actively working to bring the games that [players] own on Stadia to PC through Ubisoft Connect. Ubisoft made this response. It needs to be determined whether or not you will be able to transport your previous saves and progress to the new version of the game. At the very least, the publisher’s single-player titles, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will also be able to support the feature.

According to Bungie, there might also be a solution for specific multiplayer projects. The developer of Destiny 2 stated that it has started having conversations about the following stages for [its] gamers and that it would reveal further specifics regarding Destiny 2 Stadia accounts once the company has definite plans.