Jazz Jackrabbit 2, A Timeless Side Scrolling Platformer Is Currently Available For Free On PC Via The GOG Shop

Jazz Jackrabbit 2, A Timeless Side Scrolling Platformer Is Currently Available For Free On PC Via The GOG Shop
Credit: IGN

Jazz Jackrabbit 2, a PC game from the 1990s, is currently free on GOG. The sequel to the classic platformer Jazz Jackrabbit, this side-scrolling adventure still became a fan favorite among early PC gamers despite its lack of recognition among gaming’s all-time greats.

In 1998, Epic MegaGames launched Jazz Jackrabbit 2, a game they had produced. Epic has come a long way from its roots in making side-scrolling adventures like this to becoming a primary developer and publisher. Jazz Jackrabbit debuted in 1994, then in 2002, a new version of the game was launched for the Game Boy Advance. There were many comparisons to the Sonic games at the time because of the similarities in gameplay. Aside from that, they were able to win over some fans and make a respectable living for themselves.

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After re-releasing the original and its sequel on GOG in 2017 as the Jazz Jackrabbit Collection and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection, respectively, Epic Games is giving away the sequel for a short period. The Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Collection has three parts: the original game, the Secret Files expansion, and the Christmas Chronicles. The game also features a level editor where users may use their imagination to design their challenges.

Even though Epic owns Jackrabbit, and their games would be a terrific addition to Epic’s extensive library of free games, none of the Jackrabbit games can be found in the Epic store. Instead, they were made available on CD Projekt’s GOG platform. However, the Epic Games store did not exist when re-released in 2017.

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It is still being determined why the games were re-released on GOG. However, the terms of the arrangement probably prevented Epic from selling the game in their shop.

Such a revival can only be healthy for the video game market and its consumers. Games like these that have been re-released satisfy gamers’ need for nostalgia.