Monkey Island Is Referenced In The New Pirate Map For Hitman 3

Monkey Island Is Referenced In The New Pirate Map For Hitman 3
Credit: ign

The Ambrose Island DLC for Hitman 3 was released last week, adding a pirate-themed journey to the World of Assassination.

Agent 47 is tasked with assassinating the heads of a militia and a pirate syndicate on the titular island in the Andaman Sea just west of Thailand.

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Unfortunately, most of the area is outdoors, making it challenging to navigate, especially without Mission Stories to provide players with guidance.

But towards the mission’s beginning, roving agents won’t have to travel far to find a weird tombstone set in a rocky nook. Look into a shaded area as you descend West Beach. “G Threepwood, Mighty Pirate” will be carved on a tombstone.

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Lighting four braziers will reveal a treasure trove hidden beneath Threepwood’s grave on Ambrose Island. There are several braziers on the island; the first is close to the gravestone.

After using a torch to light each brazier, go back to Threepwood’s grave and use a shovel to uncover some hidden riches.

Speaking of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert, the man behind the franchise, just shared a new film that gave us a sneak glance at Return To Monkey Island’s dialogue system.

Since we now know Guybrush Threepwood subsequently dies on Ambrose Island, the clip depicts a dialogue between Judge Plank, who seems to be sitting over an empty courthouse, and Guybrush Threepwood while he was still alive. Plank isn’t thrilled that Threepwood has acknowledged being a formidable pirate, but the video cuts off before he can impose a penalty.

Return to Monkey Island is scheduled to debut later this year, and Gilbert has hinted that more trailers will appear as the release date draws closer.

In a previous post, Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island, released a new teaser each week. The last few weeks have seen bits of Return to Monkey Island gameplay released in these seemingly timed pieces; the most recent one introduces us to Judge Plank, a peculiar guy.