Bleeding Edge Release Date Set On March 24, Get Details Of The New Ninja Theory Game Here!

Bleeding Edge Release Date Set On March 24, Get Details Of The New Ninja Theory Game Here!
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The release date of Bleeding Game, the upcoming title from Ninja Theory, is finally known. Apart from it, several details have also been uncovered.

The combat video game, published by Xbox Game Studios, is expected to be launched around five months from now. Thus, gamers are getting excited about whatever information they could get about the forthcoming title.

The date March 24, 2020, would be special for the awaiting gamers. This would be the time when the game reaches the Microsoft platforms Xbox One and Windows 10.

In the meantime, two different closed betas would drop a few weeks before the anticipated Bleeding Game release date. The first one is said to be coming on Feb. 14 and the other on March 13.

The beta versions would target those who want to experience the game ahead of the others. Therefore, those who would like to order in advance and holders of Xbox Game Pass have the chance to test the two betas.

By being the first to show their interest in the new title, these fans could enjoy certain perks. They would get the sicker pack Rioter’s Hoverboard along with the fighter skins. The latter include the Butterpunk Buttercup, Outrider ZeroCool, and Punk Rock Nidhoggr. To become more equipped to fight, they would also have bonus taunts. All of these are part of the Bleeding Game Punk Pack, which will be released exclusively for them.

These details have been gathered from the listing that popped up on the Microsoft Store’s site, which True Achievements noticed.

In the meantime, the announcement trailer of the game gathered positive feedback from gamers. Most of them noted that the multiplayer combat video game is very exciting. They even shared that they can no longer wait for its arrival. However, there those who are saying that it should not be a “clone” of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch.

Bleeding Game features 12 characters, which would form a team of brawlers. They should work together and strategize specific moves to defeat their opponents. They need to make use of the environmental hazards to their advantage to ensure their victory. They must also study the maps to maximize their boosts. If there is one significant advice not to forget, that is the importance of staying together and fighting as a team.

Keep posted for more Bleeding Game news, updates, and more exciting details, which the ongoing X019 fanfest might drop!