The Witcher Netflix – Henry Cavill Reveals New Geralt Of Rivia Photo, Comments On Show Being Renewed For Second Season

The Witcher Netflix – Henry Cavill Reveals New Geralt Of Rivia Photo, Comments On Show Being Renewed For Second Season
Credit: Netflix

Earlier this week, it was revealed that, even though we’re still a month away from its debut, Netflix’s newest series — The Witcher — has been renewed for a second season. So, it’s pretty clear that the streaming service believes that they have a massive hit on their hands, as they’re hoping that the show, which is based on Andrzej Sapkowski and Przemysław Truściński’s book series, will become the next Game of Thrones.

After news broke that The Witcher will, at least, get two seasons on Netflix, Henry Cavill, who is playing the series’ lead protagonist — Geralt of Rivia — commented on the show being renewed via Instagram.

In addition to Cavill’s comments, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said the following about Netflix confirming that The Witcher will get a second season.

“I’m so thrilled that before fans have even seen our first season, we are able to confirm that we’ll be returning to The Continent again to continue telling the stories of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri.”

Before a second season was confirmed, The Witcher’s showrunner said that she has seven seasons mapped out for the show. So, if the show ends up being a success, then it’s likely that it’ll last seven seasons, if not more.

As previously noted, the show will be based on the book series instead of the video games, although the show will probably feature some aspects from the games. But, even though it’ll be based on the books, Cavill has said that he’s a big fan of the games, which is pretty clear when you watch the trailers, as he has Geralt’s voice and mannerisms down.

When the show as announced a year ago, it was the subject of a ton of criticism. But, as more has been revealed about the show, the criticism has been replaced with hope and anticipation, as it appears that the budget for the show is quite significant.

We’re now a little over a month away from the release date of The Witcher’s first season, as it’s currently scheduled to debut on December 20. It’s been confirmed that the first season of the show will span eight episodes and that they’ll all be released at the same time, so fans can binge-watch the entire first season in one day.

If the first and second season of The Witcher proves to be successful, then we could see CD Projekt Red continue with the game series after the release of Cyberpunk 2077.