A New Tower Of Fantasy Trailer Has Customizable Characters, cars, And Much More

A New Tower Of Fantasy Trailer Has Customizable Characters, cars, And Much More
Credit: AROGED

For the upcoming online role-playing game Tower of Fantasy, Level Infinite and Hotta Studio unveiled a new video today.
The freedom and ingenuity of the game’s character customization, equipment, and various vehicles you can ride are all highlighted in the trailer.

A brief video also demonstrates the flexibility to enjoy oneself in various ways, for as by visiting a theme park with friends.
Additionally, a second video was made available in which some of the game’s developers discussed the global release and what they believe connects them to the rest of the gaming community. Finally, the ability to interact with some of the Tower of Fantasy team members is excellent.

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You may watch further Tower of Fantasy trailers here if you’re interested in seeing more of the game. These additional trailers focus on the world, the tale, the characters, the motorcycle, the mount, the war, and Form II.

The enormous open world of the planet Aida can be explored in a variety of ways, as demonstrated in other movies, which show traversal techniques like jogging, riding a motorcycle, and swimming.

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Hundreds of years in the future, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world shared role-playing game on the far-off planet Aida. A post-apocalyptic sci-fi tale, in-depth character building and thrilling action combat are all present in this Hotta Studios creation, which undoubtedly wears its anime influence proudly.
In a previous post, The events of Tower of Fantasy take place on the planet Aida, in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime future. You will be able to operate vehicles like motorcycles and flying apparatus like jetpacks. Although you can customize your character, you will also be able to play as simulacrums, which are already created playable characters.

You do not select a class. The three weapons you have with you, however, control your abilities. Additionally, participants automatically engage in combat in the shared universe. To battle alongside others, you won’t enter a particular room. Instead, you will interact with other players and combat with them as long as you are in the same region on the same server.