Hitman (2016) Will Be Free To Play On The PS4 Over The Weekend

Hitman (2016) Will Be Free To Play On The PS4 Over The Weekend
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Hitman (2016) has been an amazing reboot of a classic series, staring Agent 47. He’s a genetically-enhanced assassin who travels the world taking out criminal targets. It furthered the series in all of the right ways, from the amazing graphics to the limitless assassination possibilities.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience its open-sandbox fun, then you’re in luck. IO Interactive just made an announcement on Twitter, saying that they are opening this game up over the weekend on the PS4. So for a couple of days, PS4 users will be able to see what they’ve been missing at no charge.

There are a lot of great aspects of this stealth-based title that definitely make it worthy of the positive praises it has received since releasing in 2016. For starters, there is a lot of creativity that players can use as far as how they approach each target.

That includes going for up close and personnel kills to using heavy-duty snipers. The possibilities are endless thanks to the bevy of resources that Agent 47 has access to. The further along you get, the more weapons and items you’ll be able to collect that further the assassination possibilities.

How you approach each target really depends on the situation at hand and your personal preferences. Sometimes your plans go smoothly and then other times obstacles are thrown your way that make you adjust on the fly. Either way, you’re always in tune with the action and the great sequences.

There are also plenty of NPCs you’ll be able to interact with as to gain closer access to the current target. You can incapacitate them and steal their clothes or make them give you vital pieces of information. It’s completely up to you how you approach Hitman and that’s why it has garnered so much positive attention over the years.

In terms of the level design and variety, both are amazing. They’ll keep you coming back for more killing opportunities, whether you’re across the world in Europe or in the States looking to take down a high-level crime boss.

Hitman is definitely one of the best installments in the long-running series and is a must-play experience if you like stealth-based games. For this weekend only, PS4 players won’t have to pay a thing to take it for a spin. All you have to do is head on over to the PS Store and click on the appropriate link. It’s that easy. Get ready for some memorable action.