Minecraft PSVR May Be Right Around The Corner, According To A Report From MP1ST

Minecraft PSVR May Be Right Around The Corner, According To A Report From MP1ST
Credit: Mojang Studios

A new internal update found by MP1ST has been issued to the dev build of Minecraft on the PS4, seemingly confirming that Minecraft PSVR support is finally on the horizon. Players have been wondering if Microsoft, who bough out Mojang, would continue to support the PS4 version of the game.

This update belongs to the beta (or Developer) build of Minecraft, according to the changelog history. The developers for the PS4 version of the game have been working on implementing PSVR support for quite a long time now.

There has been some confusion if Microsoft would continue to support the PS4 version. This confusion is derived from how the Xbox and Mobile version of the game got a rebranding just to be called Bedrock edition while the PS4 version is still labeled the same.

Some had thought that since Microsoft bought Mojang and that Microsoft would only continue to update the version of Minecraft for its competitor in the console market.

The Windows 10 version of Minecraft already offers the ability to use Minecraft VR and play with non-VR players as well. This means that the code for Minecraft already supports a VR mode.

For some history on PSVR support in Minecraft, back in April, they began internal testing for PSVR support.

This internal testing was too see if the current PS4 and Minecraft’s coding were able to support the PSVR mode. This internal testing focused on if the PS4 version was able to run Minecraft in a VR mode.

In mid-May, there was another update that was most likely just bug fixes and better implementation. The developers that focus on the Playstation version support have been slowly implementing PSVR.

As of June 10th, The internal changelog has the feature of “PSVR Feature Completed” implemented, and for the beta version, this feature is seemingly completed.

Since this latest update was sent out to the beta build on June 10th, most likely we won’t hear anything regarding the possible feature for quite some time!

Sadly, PSVR players will have to wait for an official announcement before they can experience Minecraft in their virtual reality headset. Hopefully, after all the bugs are ironed out for Minecraft PSVR, hopefully, Mojang Studios will announce an official date for when this fantastic feature will be available to consumers.