God Of War Art Director Raf Grassetti Releases Stunning Ongoing Chrono Trigger Fan Art Series

God Of War Art Director Raf Grassetti Releases Stunning Ongoing Chrono Trigger Fan Art Series
Credit: Raf Grassetti

Raf Grassetti served as the art director for 2018’s smash hit PS4 exclusive God of War. He will be the art director for the game’s upcoming sequel, which many are calling God of War: Ragnarok.

Of course, no one knows for sure if the game is actually called that, but what is for sure is that, barring any delays, it’s going to be hitting the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2021.

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While his work computer is undoubtedly filled to the brim with images of Kratos, Atreus, and all the rest of God of War’s cast of characters, his personal Instagram and Twitter accounts just shared a new piece of fan art that has made the community long for another remake.

The game in question is Chrono Trigger, and the artwork features the game’s title character, Crono and everyone’s favorite amphibian knight, Frog.

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The artwork, which can be seen above, is just one in a series of fandom inspired artwork sets Grassetti has created from some of the world’s most iconic franchises.

For those of you that don’t know, Chrono Trigger is a role playing game that released for the Super Nintendo back in 1995. It was developed by Square Enix and eventually re-released on the PlayStation and Nintendo DS. It is also currently available on mobile platforms.

The game is notable for its artwork, the style of which any anime fan should instantly recognize.

The game’s characters were designed by the legendary Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise. That’s why Crono looks like he could fit in perfectly well with Son Goku and his friends.

In fact, when the game was re-released for the PlayStation, it was updated to include several anime cutscenes, all of which were animated by Toriyama in his signature style.

“One of my favorite franchises and probable one of the most requested series from you guys,” Grassetti said. “I’m really excited to work on this piece, hope ya’ll like it!”

As always whenever he does these fanart series, Grassetti gives a little tease of what’s to come next via a pixelated image. It seems like the next character coming in this set is going to be Robo, the futuristic robot from the year AD 1999.

Grassetti has created numerous fanart pieces, bringing characters from comic book worlds to life, such as the X-Men and the cast of Batman: The Animated Series.

We’ve also seen him create the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, characters from Street Fighter, and iconic figures from Star Wars.

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Grassetti has also worked on other Toriyama characters in the past, adapting characters from Dragon Ball such as Piccolo, Frieza, Mr. Popo, Majun Buu, the Ginyu Force, Cell, and more!