God Of War’s Art Director Creates A Stunning Realistic Looking Portrait Of Fox McCloud From The Star Fox Series

God Of War’s Art Director Creates A Stunning Realistic Looking Portrait Of Fox McCloud From The Star Fox Series
Credit: Raf Grassetti Via Instagram

Raf Grassetti, the art director for 2018’s stellar and gorgeous remake of God of War, has recently been putting his artistic talents to work creating hyper realistic portraits of some of the most iconic characters throughout the world of pop culture.

He started off by sharing some truly amazing photos of many of the Spider-Man villains, including Hobgoblin, Rhino, Electro, and Vulture. He then moved on to the characters from the Dragon Ball franchise, creating Cell, Majin Buu, Freeza, Piccolo, Chiao Tsu, Mr. Popo, Mr. Satan, and The Ginyu Force.

Grassetti then set his sights back to the world of gaming, deciding to bring together one of Nintendo’s most iconic teams in stunning realistic form.

Who is this referring to? The interstellar team of heroes known as Star Fox.

He started off with the leader of the team (as he should!) the one and only Fox McCloud. The following image was shared on his Instagram account.

Grassetti noted that Star Fox is a franchise that “changed everything” for him.

“I remember playing Nintendo 64 with friends and just being completely mesmerized by only a few polygons,” he wrote in the Instagram post.

That would mean he became a fan of Star Fox 64, which is hailed by many to be the greatest Star Fox game of all time.

Grassetti wasn’t done, however. He continued to create another member of the team, namely Slippy Toad, the engineer of Star Fox.

“Slippy’s not such a screw up after all,” he said while teasing that his next entry will be Fox’s “wingman” Falco Lombardi.

Slippy Toad has become kind of a punchline for the Star Fox fandom, given his propensity for being shot down. However, if it wasn’t for Slippy and his ability to analyze an enemy’s shields, you would never know how much more you have to do when trying to whittle down a boss fight.

He also released a teaser image with the silhouettes of the rest of the team, promising more. After Fox and Slippy, there’s Falco and Peppy Hare. However, there is a fifth silhouette listed there. It is unknown if he is going to create a portrait of Krystal, the female member of the team that joined up in 2002’s Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo Game Cube.

Of course, it could also be the nemesis of the Star Fox team, Star Wolf, who is a playable fighter in the Super Smash Bros. series.