Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding Scene Recreated In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game Of Thrones’ Red Wedding Scene Recreated In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Credit: blackbear.acnh via Instagram

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released this past March, but players are always finding new and creative ways to play. Both players and businesses have released custom islands, free designs, and hosted themed designs and invited players in with Dream Codes.

When the game was first released, there was some controversy. Japanese users were creating scary events or even some gory scenes featuring villagers and islanders. The scenes were made for entertaining other users and showing off the new camera features included in the game. Players can now zoom in, take photos, and short videos using the Nintendo Switch.

Reddit user Rocketcatxx has gone a step further and recreated a memorable scene from The Game of Thrones live-action adaptation. The Red Wedding was a shocking scene on the show. Rocketcatxx has carefully recreated some of the most memorable moments from the event, using costumes created by nieve_hio and additional help from valyriasqueen as Catelyn Stark.

On Reddit and Instagram, Rocketcatxx showed screenshots of the game with comparisons from the show. The scenes do contain massive spoilers for the Red Wedding event, so readers should take caution before scrolling through the photos and reading further.

The screenshots also use a preset by Riverwood.acnh to give the scenes a more haunting look.

The scenes first display some of the happy moments of the event. The guests have gathered around and are having a nice time. This was purposely done to lure Robb into a false sense of security before the deadly events of the night began.

The event begins as a joyous occasion but ends in a massacre. While the scenes don’t contain every deadly moment, they’re a unique recreation of the famous scene from Game of Thrones.

Rocketcatxx has created other Game of Thrones scenes within Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They have been shared on both Reddit and Rocketcatxx’s Instagram account at blackbear.acnh. Those interested in seeing more of their designs can view them as slideshows on Instagram.

The scenes include The Fate of Petyr Baelish, The Purple Wedding Streets of Braavos, Gates to the King’s Landing, and more. All of the scenes do contain some spoilers, so newcomers to Game of Thrones should take caution before viewing the images.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive title available now.