US Democrats Are Using Animal Crossing: New Horizons To Reach Young Voters

US Democrats Are Using Animal Crossing: New Horizons To Reach Young Voters
Credit: Joe Biden Campaign Website

The American Presidential race is heating up as Election Day draws near. Political candidates are hoping to see a higher turnout from younger voters. The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, has chosen to take a unique route. Biden’s campaign has opened up a section on his merchandise store solely dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Horizons gear.

The page is filled with free digital downloads with various artwork to use as signs or artwork, plus custom clothing and more for those who want to support the Biden campaign. Some of the designs are subtle, such as red, white, and blue aviator sunglasses, while others clearly state “Biden/Harris” in support of both the Democratic running mates.

At the top of the page are recreations of Kamala Harris, the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, and Joe Biden holding a pink balloon. They both stand in front of villagers’ homes with campaign signs in front.

The downloads were created as a way for voters to support the candidate digitally. Even if Animal Crossing residents don’t involve politics, this is a small way for players to continue their support for their favorite candidate.

The Animal Crossing download page has several designs. The artwork is downloaded by scanning the QR Code using the Nook app on a smartphone. Players take a photo, and the custom design is loaded into their Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.

The clothing items must be redeemed at an Able Sisters store. Players must also have an active Nintendo Switch Online account. From there, players input the code for the items of their choice, and it will download as a custom design. Players also have the choice to input the creator code to easily access the designs.

While there are several custom designs to choose from on the page, this isn’t the end of the campaigning through the game. The store page states that there are more options in the works. It’s unknown of what those options may be, but players shouldn’t plan on filling up their custom designs yet.

The Trump re-election campaign has not released any official custom designs for the game, and it’s unknown if it plans to. There are currently unofficial design options online featuring President Trump’s “MAGA” campaign phrase.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title.