Ippudo Ramen Restaurant Sets Up Virtual Shop In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Ippudo Ramen Restaurant Sets Up Virtual Shop In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Credit: Ippudo Website

Japanese ramen restaurant chain Ippudo is setting up shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While guests can’t place real orders on the island for delivery in real life, the custom island offers a unique experience for those who miss visiting one of Ippudo’s restaurants in person.

The restaurant decided to open the chain in celebration of its upcoming anniversary on October 16. The island will be open to visitors on October 15, one day before the official founding date. Along with the new island, the company created new Twitter and Instagram accounts filled with images.

The company showcased some of the decorations of the island ahead of its release. As visitors enter, they will see the official logo of Ippudo, along with signboards featuring some of the chain’s delicious-looking meals. The island design was created to make guests crave ramen as soon as they enter.

While the company announced that the island was coming soon, it is currently in development. Many are currently working to shape the island into a welcoming place for ramen fans. Ippudo has asked that anyone who sees the images give feedback and suggestions on what kind of island they’d like to see.

Other images include custom hats. The hats seem normal upon first glance. When the hat is tilted down, there’s a design of ramen on the top. Villagers and guests in the screenshots also wear shirts that say “I love ramen” and “I love Ippudo.” It’s unknown at this time if these designs will be given out to fans.

On October 15, the island will open to those who wish to visit. The company will release its Dodo Code, and up to seven guests can visit at one time. Each visit will last around 15 minutes. The visitation time will take place from 3 PM until around 8:45 PM Japan Standard Time.

Advanced registrations are required, which will be announced on social media. Anyone who visits will receive a special design for free. Visitors are encouraged to take photos on the island and share them with others online.

In the real world, Ippudo is offering limited-edition meals at their restaurants in various locations. The menu items are part of the chain’s anniversary.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.