Payday 3 Is Still Coming And Will Make Use Of The Unreal Engine According To Twitter Post

Payday 3 Is Still Coming And Will Make Use Of The Unreal Engine According To Twitter Post
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

As far as co-op shooters go centered around crime, the Payday series is one of the more beloved. There have been two installments in this franchise to date. The original had a lot of great elements and the sequel improved upon its fun designs in meaningful ways.

Fans obviously love this franchise, but it has been nearly 7 years since Payday 2 released. Needless to say, fans are starting to grow restless. Overkill has made it known to all that Payday 3 is on the way. In fact, it has been in development for quite some time.

And yet, fans are still waiting for signs of life. Fortunately, there is some thanks to a recent tweet put out on the Payday 2 Twitter page. Not much was revealed other than that fact that Payday 3 will be using the Unreal Engine.

It’s not much, but at least the developer is keeping fans posted about the development of a highly anticipated sequel. Between 2022 and 2023 is still the probably time period for the next installment’s release. That’s still pretty far off, but if the developer can continue to make improvements and build off the successful elements found in the previous installment, the wait will be worth it.

Things haven’t gone so smoothly for the developer or the producer Starbreeze. Financial issues and legal problems have gotten in the way of development. That’s the reason why it has been so long since the developer has followed up this franchise with anything.

Now, it seems like they’re back on track and a huge part of this is the success that Payday 2 has had. It’s a bright spot for the franchise. Whether you’re looking to complete epic bank heists or get into some memorable shootouts with a couple of friends, this game always seems to deliver from a co-op standpoint.

Every person in your group plays an important role in how your missions go. Place cameras in the wrong position and that’s a recipe for disaster. Mistime when your character is supposed to enter and you’ll be feeling the heat.

Every decision counts for something in this high-stakes co-op shooter that has only gotten better since it launched back in 2013.

It has received a bevvy of updates too, which fortunately have given fans something to look forward to while the developer gets the next installment back on track. They’re hard at work and if they can deliver, Payday fans are in store for something special.