Payday 2 Is Going Into Development Again According To An Announcement From Starbreeze On Steam

Payday 2 Is Going Into Development Again According To An Announcement From Starbreeze On Steam
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

When it comes to heist games, the Payday series has been front and center. These games offer amazing co-op first-person shooter experiences that players can enjoy with their friends, all while feeling like true mobsters of the underworld. Unfortunately, the series has been through a lot of developmental turmoil and so has its publisher — Starbreeze Studio.

After suffering numerous roadblocks, they are apparently continuing development on Payday 2. It’s getting a re-haul as the publisher feels like this sequel needs more attention before a third game is eventually developed by Overkill Software. It has been kind of hard staying in the loop with all of the changes both the developer and publisher have had to deal with, but their intentions now are locked on Payday 2.

That’s great news if you’ve enjoyed playing this game ever since it initially released back in 2013. This game still performs well on the Steam platform. It lets four players plan memorable, action-packed heists for epic paydays. This time around, the setting is Washington, D.C. It seems like just the perfect spot for some clever bank-robbing. The four members available include Dallas, Wolf, Chains, and Hoxton.

You might remember these crew members from the original Payday. Well, they’re back in action and this sequel has made a lot of improvements that take the series in a fresh direction. The CRIMENET hub is a major improvement. This is where you’ll choose particular jobs. It offers a lot of variety, whether you’re up for some intense kidnapping or just want stay small time and take down some convenient stores.

The missions you complete are completely up to your squad. As you work your way through the ranks, you’ll gain access to bigger missions with added difficulty. The later missions will require a team collective and the perfect getaway strategy.

Yet again, Payday 2 shines in the co-op department. There’s just something so special about getting a team of friends together and then formulating plans on how to best approach each mission. You feel a sense of solidarity, like you’re a band of gang members in real life putting everything on the line for the score of a lifetime.

Although Starbreeze has been through a lot, them deciding to work on Payday 2 even more and make it better is a smart decision. It would give them the time to finally catch their breath and do what they need to do when getting ready for the development Payday 3.