Korean Game Rating Board Validates Rumors Of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition By Rating The Title

Korean Game Rating Board Validates Rumors Of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition By Rating The Title
Credit: BioWare Via YouTube

Everyone’s been hesitant to say it as nothing official has yet arrived from the mouths of Bioware or Electronic Arts, and the question is continuing to be asked: is there a remastered version of the Mass Effect trilogy that will be arriving?

The answer to that question is now heavily leaning on the side of ‘yes’ to the point that it’s dang near a fact, as the Korean committee (Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea) assigned the task of rating titles (much as ESRB does for North America) has officially rated a title called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

From everything that has been understood thus far, this takes the three solid iterations of Mass Effect and combines them with a bit of an overhaul to textures and perhaps with fewer game-breaking bugs present on PC.

Soon, we’ll all be sleeping with aliens and test-tube-baby -ladies across the galaxy once again as we take on the iconic role of Shepard given the trifling task of saving all of existence in a plot arc that makes Star Wars look like a Nick Jr cartoon, as long as we’re all ok with the notorious deus ex machina to close out the trilogy.

Whether Andromeda is included within the collection has not been posited within the rumors, but based on its mountain of issues and errors with everything from textures to dialogue to plot, it’s extremely unlikely (we hope) that it will continue to exist as anything other than a canonical one-off of the franchise.

It is extremely unlikely that the Korean Committee has offered forth a rating of a title that doesn’t exist.

Thus, this currently stands as the most stable proof that the Mass Effect trilogy is being remastered and looking at a 2021 release.

Further, it is expected that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is going to be officially announced on N7 day, the Bioware-created holiday on November 7th that serves as a day for further…advertising? N7, of course, being taken from the designation from the Commander’s armor that stands for the top combatants in the galaxy, if lore is more to your liking.

This all ultimately boils down to us all sitting on our hands until November 7 when Bioware will offer the inevitable dramatic reveal of the title that has long been speculated, and is now everything but confirmed from the studio themselves.

Let’s all promise that we’ll act super surprised about it, ok?