Death Come True’s PlayStation 4 Launch Confirmed For November 12

Death Come True’s PlayStation 4 Launch Confirmed For November 12
Credit: Death Come True Website

Publisher Izanagi Games and developer Too Kyo Games have announced the new release date for Death Come True on the PlayStation 4. The game was initially launched this Summer, but the PS4 port was delayed. Just when fans thought the game would launch on PS4, it was hit with another delay.

The delay was caused by an issue that occurred during QA testing. The developer and publisher had to resolve the outstanding issues and then re-submit it to Sony. The team announced on social media that the PlayStation 4 release would be delayed but didn’t state a new release date at the time.

Death Come True’s official Twitter account has now released the official PlayStation 4 launch date. The game will be available as a digital download worldwide but will get a physical release in Japan. No new content is expected, but the game will be optimized for the PS4.

Death Come True is a full FMV game with a real-life cast. The game was written by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka.

Death Come True follows Makoto Karaki, a young man who wakes up in a hotel room with amnesia. He doesn’t know how he got there or what’s going on. After watching a news broadcast on TV in his room, Karaki learns that he’s wanted in a series of murders.

As Karaki explores the mysterious hotel, he’ll meet an unusual cast of characters. They include a stoic concierge, two special investigators working on the serial killer case, an enthusiastic true crime fan, a news anchor, and, unfortunately, a mysterious masked killer.

The only graphics used in the game are when Karaki is prompted to make a selection. Through Karaki’s eyes, players can explore various hotel rooms, talk to people, or investigate specific items. If Karaki is killed, he will retain all of his previous memories and try not to make the same mistakes again. With every death, the player will unlock “Death Coins,” which are used to access bonus video content.

Since players don’t directly control each character like in most games, players direct Karaki by making various decisions for him. Players can continue replaying the game and experience multiple endings.

The game does not contain any additional DLC. Death Come True was launched in multiple languages, so players worldwide can experience Kodaka’s new story.

Death Come True will launch on the PlayStation 4 on November 12. The game is currently available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.