Danganronpa Creator’s FMV Game Death Come True Now Available On Steam

Danganronpa Creator’s FMV Game Death Come True Now Available On Steam
Credit: Death Come True Official Website

IzanagiGames and Too Kyo Games have released their full-motion video (FMV) game Death Come True on PC. The game is now available through Steam after its launch on mobile and Nintendo Switch in late June.

The game was directed and written by the creator of the Danganronpa series, Kazutaka Kodaka. While gamers may remember FMV video games from older consoles, Death Come True is the first FMV game from Japan.

Death Come True uses a real-life cast of popular actors and actresses to bring the game to life inside of an old hotel. Players take control of the protagonist, Makoto Karaki, to make life or death decisions. If players die, Karaki will retain his memories and has the opportunity to make a change.

Karaki is a victim of amnesia. The game starts off with the protagonist waking up in a hotel room, with no memory of how he got there. Karaki soon learns that he’s wanted for a series of murders. After exploring the hotel, Karaki learns he’s not alone.

In the hotel, Karaki meets an unusual cast of characters. Some want to help him, like Special Investigator Akane Sachimura. Others may have more devious intentions, like newscaster Kenichi Mino or serial killer fangirl Nene Kurushima.

The Steam version of Death Come True is similar to the mobile and Nintendo Switch release. Players use their mouse ad keyboard to look around or click to make a selection. The game takes place like a movie, making it accessible for players of all skill levels.

After players make a selection, they will watch the scene play out by the cast on-screen. The decisions players make for Karaki may get him killed, but there’s an added bonus. Every time Karaki experiences a new “death,” he collects “Death Medals” that state how he was killed. The Steam store page has one example, such as getting shot by the police who are hunting Karaki.

After players collect a certain amount of “Death Medals,” they can access the “DeathTube” bonus section to watch additional content, including behind-the-scenes video. Some players on other platforms have reported not all of the additional videos have been subtitled, but this issue has since been resolved on mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The developer has announced they plan to release the game on additional consoles, but the release dates are not yet known.

Death Come True is now available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, plus iOS and Android.