Kazutaka Kodaka’s FMV Game Death Come True Now Available On Mobile And Nintendo Switch

Kazutaka Kodaka’s FMV Game Death Come True Now Available On Mobile And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Death Come True Official Website

Too Kyo Games and Izanagi Games have released their newest project Death Come True. The game was created by using a real-life cast to bring the story to life.

Too Kyo Games’ Kazutaka Kodaka is known for his work in the popular Danganronpa series. The developer was responsible for the original story of Death Come True. The game is a Full Motion Video game, or FMV, where players direct the movements of the characters but don’t control them like a typical game.

Death Come True stars Makoto Karaki, a young man who wakes up in a hotel with amnesia. After turning on the tv in the room, he quickly learns that he’s wanted for a series of murders. Karaki soon meets two Special Investigators who are seeking more information about the case, along with the host of a nightly news program, serial killer fan, and the mysterious hotel concierge.

Players control Karaki’s movements throughout the hotel. If Karaki is killed by a mysterious being haunting the halls, Karaki will awaken will all memories of the death. Players can then rewind time and make a different decision that will affect the outcome. The game itself has many paths of how the story can end, but they all depend on the player’s decisions.

Death Come True contains a cast of many well-known actors and actresses in Japan. The leading star is Kanata Hongo, who portrays the protagonist. Hongo has appeared in stage plays of Danganronpa in the past. Chiaki Kuriyama and Win Morisaki play the Special Investigators handling the case. Jiro Sato plays a news broadcaster with Chihiro Yamamoto portraying the serial killer fan. The hotel concierge is portrayed by Yuki Kaji.

While Death Come True was completely developed in Japanese, the developer has worked hard to make it available in multiple languages. For English players, the UI is in English while the audio is translated.

Players have begun to leave reviews about the game on the mobile app stores. While many of the comments are positive, they have reported some issues back relating to some of the content having incorrect translations and many of the bonus videos not having any translations at all.

Death Come True is now available on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. The game will be released at a later date for PC and PlayStation 4.