The Elder Scrolls Online Giving Away Free Crown Store Bundle Until July 30

The Elder Scrolls Online Giving Away Free Crown Store Bundle Until July 30
Credit: Elder Scrolls Online Website

The Elder Scrolls Online team has announced a special bundle as a gift for players. The gift was given out as thanks for players who have continued to support the game either from the beginning or who may have recently joined.

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that takes place within The Elder Scrolls universe. The game requires a purchase of the base game, and then players can continue to play for free without signing up for a subscription. The subscription includes bonuses like a crafting bag, bonus experience point boost, plus premium “Crown” currency to use within the in-game store.

The Crown Store offers several helpful goodies. Subscription members get a free item a month, but anyone who logs in will receive a daily freebie. These freebies range from gold, pets, and gems. The calendar of freebies changes every month.

The Elder Scrolls Online team also gives out bonus content to those who watch their streams. Anyone who has their Elder Scrolls Online account and Twitch account link can watch a stream for a chance for a loot drop. These are often random loot crates, but occasionally they give out pets and mounts.

After logging into the game, players can head to the in-game Crown store to find the Player Appreciation Bundle. The gift is completely free and will be marked as “zero Crowns.”

Repair Kits, Soul Gems, and Experience Scrolls will be loaded into the player’s inventory, while the pet and weapon style are loaded into the Collections UI. Outfit Change tokens and Outfit Styles are redeemable at any Outfit Station.

The list of items include:

  • Vampiric Dragon-Imp pet
  • The Mace of Molag Bal outfit style
  • Three Outfit Change Tokens
  • 10 Crown Repair Kits
  • 20 Crown Soul Gems
  • Three Gold Coast Experience Scrolls (50% boost for one hour)

While the bundle is available now, it’s only for a few weeks. Players will have to grab the bundle, even if they’re not planning on using it right now before it’s gone. It’s unknown if the Player Appreciation Bundle will be available again in the future.

For new players, this is a great set of free items. The Experience Scrolls are especially helpful for those who are grinding to get to Champion Level. Another option is to save the Experience Scrolls and use them for events where players can get a bonus 100% Experience Boost, such as the Witches Festival later this year.

The Player Appreciation Bundle is available through the in-game Crown Store until July 30.