Death Come True PlayStation 4 Release Delayed Until Further Notice

Death Come True PlayStation 4 Release Delayed Until Further Notice
Credit: Death Come True Official Website

Izanagi Games and Too Kyo Games have announced the PlayStation 4 release of Death Come True has been delayed. The official Twitter account for the game posted a notice that an issue was found during SIE quality assurance, so the team has to resolve the issue and then have it retested before launch.

Death Come True was previously scheduled to launch on October 15. The message did not post a new release date for the game, but it is now not expected to launch until later this year.

The full-motion video (FMV) game Death Come True was created by Kazutaka Kodaka, who is known for creating the Danganronpa series. Danganronpa is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Death Come True was previously released on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and mobile earlier this year. The game was simultaneously launched in multiple languages. The audio was in Japanese, but players could choose one of many language options for subtitles.

Death Come True is a story-driven game that uses a real-life cast to act out the scenes. Players control the decisions of protagonist Makoto Karaki, who has awoken in a strange hotel with amnesia.

Karaki meets an unusual cast of characters, but there is a mysterious killer on the loose. Every time Karaki is killed, he will re-awaken with his memories intact. Players can use this knowledge to make different decisions for Karaki. The game stars Kanata Hongo as Karaki, who previously starred in the Danganronpa stage play adaptations.

While players don’t directly control the characters, there are some in-game controls. A screen will appear when Karaki can view his environment and interact with certain objects.

The game contains multiple endings but is only around three to four hours. Players can keep playing the game to view all the endings, but also earn “Death Coins.” These coins will unlock additional video content to learn more about the world of Death Come True.

Izanagi Games is also releasing a Death Come True – Complete Making Movie Blu-ray. The content contains around 30 minutes of footage, along with a digital photobook. The disc is an early pre-order bonus on Amazon for the PlayStation 4 version.

Death Come True is available now on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and soon on the PlayStation 4.