Death Come True Resolves Biggest Complaint For English Language Players

Death Come True Resolves Biggest Complaint For English Language Players
Credit: Death Come True Official Website

Death Come True, the original game by Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka, launched on Nintendo Switch and mobile at the end of July. The game has recently launched on PC via Steam with plans for a PlayStation 4 release in the future.

Death Come True is a Full Motion Video (FMV) game that is more of an interactive movie experience. The game was created by filming a professional cast of actors. Players make various decisions for the characters, which are then played out on screen.

The only UI shown is through computer screens and specific interactive elements on the screen. This may include picking up an important item, moving through a doorway, or speaking to someone.

The game has Japanese audio, but the main game’s story was subtitled. While this was an important part of the game, there were options to access bonus content. On social media and through reviews, players had some complaints about the bonus content: it was not translated. Sometimes in games where content is translated into another language, some localizers and translators may leave some parts out. This may go unnoticed during QA and has to be patched later if the publisher is notified.

Death Come True introduces the bonus content through the “DeathTube” videos. Players can access these bonus videos through the settings.

Players can unlock additional bonus videos by collecting “Death Coins.” Coins are earned in certain ways, like making the protagonist Makoto Karaki die in certain ways. Getting killed by the enemy or by the police is one way to collect Death Coins.

Death isn’t permanent in the game. The protagonist wakes up in a hotel room with amnesia but has been accused of being a serial killer by the media. An unusual cast of characters arrive at the hotel and try to find out what happened or to take Karaki to the police station.

Karaki and the newcomers are being hunted by an unusual creature. Confronting, it can mean death for the protagonist. After every death, Karaki retains his memories from the event and can use them to change his future. For his troubles, Karaki will also receive a few Death Coins.

A new update resolved any untranslated content that players and the localizers missed before the game launched. Now players who aren’t familiar with Japanese should be able to continue Karaki’s adventure without any language barriers.

Death Come True is now available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.