Overwatch Novel For Release By 2020, Blizzard Entertainment May Add Cross-Play Feature Of Game

Overwatch Novel For Release By 2020, Blizzard Entertainment May Add Cross-Play Feature Of Game
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

Blizzard Entertainment is proving once again that Overwatch is not only limited to providing fun through a video game. By May 2020, the first-person shooter game is releasing a novel narrating an exciting backstory.

The Hero of Numbani is a young adult fiction that shares the story of Efi Oladele, the creator of Orisa. Here is a YouTube video of Orisa’s introduction. Fans can already look forward to this development since this is a confirmed report.

Based on what is known so far, Nicky Drayden will pen the novel. Meanwhile, Scholastic will publish the newest project under the hero shooter’s name.

According to the novel’s synopsis posted on Amazon, Efi is a trained creator of robots. She has been doing this since she was a little girl. In Overwatch, she has been famous for producing machines to improve the lives of people.

Thus, with Doomfist launching an attack, the hero in her was awakened. Efi made sure that her next project is a masterpiece. This is the reason why Orisa is such an exceptional robot. It is highly intellectual and exhibits deep compassion.

However, despite Orisa’s attributes, they could still be not enough to defeat Doomfist and his evil plans. In short, Efi has to mold her further to become the real hero of Numbani.

Aside from Efi, Orisa, and Doomfist, the Overwatch novel also features Lucio, a freedom fighter and DJ. He is one of the 21 original heroes of the game.

While waiting for the arrival of The Hero of Numbani, fans are interested as well for cross-play updates. It can be recalled that many gamers are clamoring to see such a feature in the game. Blizzard Entertainment seemed to be listening when it revealed that it is considering the said move.

It must be noted that no confirmation has ever been made yet when it comes to adding cross-play to Overwatch. Therefore, this remains a plan until now. No one knows when this is happening or if it will ever arrive in the future.

The game has been a popular title for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 since May 2016. On Oct. 15, fans can start playing it on Nintendo Switch.

If the cross-play capability would be adopted finally, it will be an advantage among friends. This means that those who want to experience Overwatch can play it simultaneously despite using different devices.

Keep posted for more updates on this and other relevant news on the Overwatch video game!