The Real-Time Strategy Game War Selection Is Now Out For Free In Early Access

The Real-Time Strategy Game War Selection Is Now Out For Free In Early Access
Credit: War Selection via YouTube

It’s always great when a PC games goes into Early Access for free. It gives you the perfect opportunity to check out games you might not have ordinarily come across. An RTS game called War Selection just went into this program, which has been compared to Age of Empires. If you like real-time strategy games, you’re going to love War Selection.

It’s unique in a lot of ways. For one, the game can support up to 62 players in one match. Thinking about these grand battles certainly gets the blood flowing. Since there will be so many others to compete against, you’ll have to be sharp with your tactics out of the gate.

Every player starts out in the Stone Age. You get to choose a particular culture and country. The path you choose will present unique content. Thus, War Selection has great re-playability. Once you’ve gone from the Stone Age through 8 different historical eras, you’ll enter the Modern era. In addition to the countless experiences you can enjoy, there are several modes to explore at your own pace.

These include team match, free-for-all, Armageddon, Team Armageddon, and Confronting Hordes. It’s pretty captivating to take one faction through different eras. You feel like a lot of time has passed, like you’re wise beyond your years. Everything you experience will help you in future battles.

This game is also great in that it lets you see different historical ages firsthand. You feel like you’re there blazing trails throughout history. Every decision you make is one step closer to creating a unified nation at the end. Until that point, you’ll have thousands of years to look forward to. Thus, War Selection has a lot of content to enjoy out of the gate.

The team battles are pretty epic. It’s so rewarding pitting your team against others, where critical-thinking is the main attribute that can help your squad rise to the top. Free-for-all is also pretty exhilarating. It’s just you against everyone else. No teams, friends, or allies will be able to help you out on the battlefield.

War Selection is free, but you do have the option of becoming a subscriber. Upon doing so, you’ll have access to a lot more content. The free version is still a fun time and will give you plenty of historical action to learn about and enjoy. You can pick it up now by heading to its Steam page.