HAAK Is An Upcoming Retro Medtroidvania Headed For Steam Early Access Later This Year

HAAK Is An Upcoming Retro Medtroidvania Headed For Steam Early Access Later This Year
Credit: Steam XO

Lighting Games and Blingame have revealed their post-apocalyptic retro Metroidvania HAAK. This title is a rain-soaked dystopian universe complete with a mysterious organization running everything. You awaken with energy hook that lets you do a ton of cool and interesting things.

Explore the ruins of the world as you meet colorful characters each ready to offer you side quests and secrets in return for your efforts. Uncover the truth of the world and see if you have with it takes to rewrite the future if HAAK.

HAAK is, in its core, an action-platformer set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Develop your skills as you explore the wide world full of terrifying and angry people. Fight a mysterious organization, solve mysteries, and embrace the secret of the world as you learn the truth behind HAAK.

HAAK uses old-school graphics to tell a desolate story full of wasteland experience. Players enter an eschatological world that has a sense of desolation and abandonment. Embrace the dark tones as you travel through complex ruins to get to the truth of the world around you.

This is a game with highly responsive controls. Nimble movement and careful timing will reward players with an experience without headaches or cramps. Enjoy a fluid interaction with this high-tech world.

Your main weapon is a multifunctional Energy Hook. This weapon can be used for attacking and interacting with the environment or doing special character-specific actions. Create possibilities using this unique tool which will come in handy in the most unexpected situations.

The main story will take you deep in the world’s lore but when you have time explore the hidden side quests and learn about the environment around you. Foreshadowing and constant exploration create an eery feeling that is hard to duplicate.

Each experience with this game is unique as you may not get every detail the first time. Learn more about the background story and characters as you travel through a magnificently dark and desolate void of a world. This is a great title for apocalypse fans looking for a relaxing adventure in a dark land.

For more information be sure to explore Lightning Games website where they have tons of information about this upcoming title.

This game is planning a release on Steam Early AccessHAAK is planned for launch into the program in the third quarter of 2020 so prepare for a dystopian platforming adventure. Challenge yourself and find your way to the end of this ruinous world.