9 Monkeys of Shaolin Is An Asian Themed Action Game Headed To PC and Consoles This October

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Is An Asian Themed Action Game Headed To PC and Consoles This October
Credit: Steam XO

This samurai-inspired beat-em-up style game brings players into a beautifully stylized world full of battles, enemies, and martial arts. Enjoy the rebirth of an iconic genre in this beautiful brawler. Play as a Chinese fisherman looking for revenege after pirates raid your peaceful village. Trained by legendary Shaolin monks you must get ready for a challenging adventure through Medieval China.

Take on hordes of enemies in this action-packed adventure. The simple controls mixed with an indulging atmosphere will take you back to kung-fu movies and martial arts themes. Enjoy the beautiful environment mixed with a fluid combat system full of simple tricks with complicated forms.

Fishermen Wei Cheng must avenge the death of his friends and family after pirates raided your village. Defenseless they were slaughtered with everything took, only you can save their name and restore justice using kung-fu moves from legendary forms of combat.

Experience three unique fighting styles as you use magic seals to unlock additional abilities. Fight on earth, or int the air, as you battle using complicated forms of combat. Combine magic with your fighting style to defeat every new enemy that comes past your way.

This is a fascinating world full of change and evolution. Go from a simple fisherman to the master of Shaolin martial arts. The evolution will catch your enemies off guard while still allowing space for the humanity and humility that this entire adventure revolves around.

This game combines historical and mystical elements for a solid exciting experience. Every scene appears on the screen like a 3D page from the Japanese book. The unique style will captivate fans as you beat up everyone and everything on your way.

Develop your character with unlockable perks, items, and fighting styles. With more than 25 levels to conquer you will every advantage possible to free Chinese villages from evil pirates. Learn the ways of a Shaolin master and make them pay for their transgressions.

There are 10 types of Chinese and Japanese polearms in this game. Each comes with unique traits base on the real weapon’s standards. Discover the landscapes and find new items in each land. Master them all for an extra bonus of being a true master of combat.

For an additional level of fun be sure to invite a friend with the co-op experience. Take on growing waves of enemies as you complete the game side by side becomes a master of art, destiny, and revenge.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin comes from Buka Entertainment and is expected for launch on October 16 for PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.