Silent Hill Creates A New Official Twitter Account – A Re-emergence Of The Recent P5S Soft Reboot Rumors

Silent Hill Creates A New Official Twitter Account – A Re-emergence Of The Recent P5S Soft Reboot Rumors
Credit: Konami

After rumors of a looming soft reboot, Silent Hill has finally responded with an official twitter account. Over the past few months, there have been numerous talks about Konami planning to reboot the Silent Hill with a soft reboot, known as ‘Simply Hill.’

The title is reportedly going to be more of a re-initiation to the series, enabling both fans and new players to enjoy the game without having to know the previous series events.

According to the horror-enthusiast and insider AestheticGamer 1, also known as ‘Dusk Golem,’ noted that; the new installment was meant to be revealed during Sony’s June PS5 event.

Here’s what he had to say:

“To the talk about a remake or new entry and such, I’ve heard from pretty much every person who may know the title that this is a soft reboot, which as many say lot of the series is anyways but they’re going a bit further with it this time,” the insider wrote. “At the moment in development they’re thinking of just calling the game, “Silent Hill,” it won’t have any numbers or anything and be made to be a person’s first entry in the series quickly. It’s not a remake, and it doesn’t erase past games, but none of that is essential really to this game.”

If you notice, there was no mention of a new Silent Hill in his excerpt. Fast forward two months, and we see some sort of official activity surrounding the creation of the official twitter account for Silent Hill.

Well, as confirmed days ago by the big game publisher, Konami, acknowledges the newly created Silent Hill Twitter account as the real deal.

Here’s what was posted on Konami’s Twitter account:

“We are sorry we got fired up. Anything official would come first from @Silent Hill or an event or something, not from us. We were just being fans and enjoyed the memories/noises. Sorry, everyone, we didn’t mean to kill your Friday mood. Oops!”

The new Silent Hill twitter account has reignited the recent rumors as expected; it also suggests more talks about a new PS5 August event. In fact, as of this writing, fans are already anticipating the latest installment to be announced later this month.

The truth is we can only hope that the freshly-created Silent Hill Twitter account means another new installment. Well, until then, we will keep you posted! Sit tight and game happily!