Silent Hill Could Be Getting A Next-Gen Reboot On The PS5, According To Recent Leak

Silent Hill Could Be Getting A Next-Gen Reboot On The PS5, According To Recent Leak
Credit: EpicLBPTime via YouTube

Sony was planning to host a huge event this week for the PlayStation 5. Not a lot of details were known about what it would feature, but it still got many in the gaming industry excited.

Unfortunately, Sony has decided to take this time to delay the event in response to the protesting that’s currently going on around the country. They started popping up after the death of George Floyd. It’s a noble move on the part of Sony. They went on record saying how sorry they are for the delay, but they want more important voices to be heard during this time.

Although there won’t be any official PS5 event this week, there is some good news for fans of Silent Hill. According to the industry leaker AestheticGamer, an official announcement was going to happen at this next-gen event confirming a Silent Hill reboot.

There have been talks about this reboot for some time. At one point in time, it looked like it could be P.T., the promising project that Hideo Kojima worked on that featured an immersive first-person perspective and a brilliant looping design.

The project was scrapped and all life for the Silent Hill series appeared to be dead in the water. It was then later revealed that two new Silent Hill games were in the works. One would be a complete re-imagining and the other would play out like games developed by Telltale Games.

All of these rumors were unfortunately denied by Konami. That’s why it’s great to see the rumor mill gaining momentum again and this time, a reboot on the PS5 seems realistic.

What better way to introduce new and old fans to a Silent Hill reboot than on the PS5, which will be more powerful and provide better graphics? It seems like a smart decision.

AestheticGamer also went on to say the reboot would be done in line with the creative direction from Keiichiro Toyama. That’s good news considering he worked on the original that so many survival-horror fans know and love.

Considering that this PS5 event isn’t happening this week, it’s safe to assume that Silent Hill fans will have to temper their expectations a little longer.

Now it seems like August could be a realistic window when this reboot is unveiled to the public. In the meantime, fans of this genre will be waiting in anticipation thinking about what new horrors this reboot could feature on the PS5.