Konami Hasn’t Officially Closed The Door On New Silent Hill Games, Despite Debunking Recent Rumors

Konami Hasn’t Officially Closed The Door On New Silent Hill Games, Despite Debunking Recent Rumors
Credit: Lance McDonald via YouTube

The survival-horror gaming community has been excited about the prospect of the Silent Hill franchise coming back. Rumors have circulated these past few months about the iconic series’ return. For a while, it looked like these rumors had legs.

For those unaware, there were reports of two new Silent Hill games being teased. The first was going to be a reboot of the series, a re-imaging that has been requested for the longest time now. The second was supposed to be the continuation of Silent Hills, otherwise known as P.T. from the people at Kojima Productions.

There only main obstacle was Konami handing over their rights to the franchise. Their hesitancy is a reason why we haven’t gotten a Silent Hill game in quite some time. And unfortunately, it could be a while longer. Admits these rumors, Konami has kept relatively quite until recently when they flat out denied these rumors.

Needless to say, fans of the series have been quite upset. Finally, it looked like the franchise was getting restored and the possibilities with the lore seemed endless. Although that dream has been extinguished for the time being, there may be a tiny glimmer of hope still left.

A representative from Konami did in fact deny these rumors, but the company isn’t closing the door on Silent Hill entirely. Rather, the details in these rumors are not accurate. That’s a lot better to hear rather than hearing Konami writing off this beloved survival-horror series entirely.

It has been nearly eight years since an official Silent Hill game has been made. The most recent project was the fan-favorite P.T. It involves players moving through a creepy house with a looping design. It had amazing immersion and showed what potential there is still left in this franchise. Unfortunately, the project was scrapped before it saw the light of day.

Still, in this brief demo experience, P.T. showed just what type of passion people have for this franchise still. Rarely ever do you get a game with the type of visuals, score, and frankly weird motifs that are in Silent Hill games. If there was ever a time to revisit the franchise and usher it in to a new audience, now’s the time.

Hopefully, Konami decides to listen to the community and get the wheels in motion sooner rather than later. For now, we’ll just have to imagine Silent Hills in our restless dreams. The town where inner demons manifest themselves into otherworldly monsters.