Destiny 2: When Should Guardians Bungie Back Into The Fight?

Destiny 2: When Should Guardians Bungie Back Into The Fight?
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

With the announcement that Destiny 2 will be going free-to-play in September of this year, many are expecting an influx of players both new and old into the game. This coupled with the announcement of the Shadowkeep DLC also coming in September has fans hopeful for the future of the game following the Bungie/EA split.

This has many players wondering when the best time to jump into the game is. This depends on several different factors, including your interest level in the game, where you left off playing, and whether or not you are a completely new player.

For completely new players, it is, of course, advised to wait until the game goes free-to-play in September. This will include the base game storyline and all Year 1 DLC. As such, the Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLC will be completely free, while Forsaken will have to be purchased. If you are new to the franchise all-together, it is recommended to play through the available free content before purchasing Forsaken, to make sure you enjoy the overall feel of the game.

Forsaken however is widely regarded as the best of the DLC packs, while the Curse of Osiris is considered the worst. If you at all enjoy the overall nature of the game after playing through, Forsaken is a must-have.

Now, what about returning players? If you haven’t played at all after Warmind, then you should definitely give Forsaken a try. The Annual Pass adds in content like the Menagerie mini-raid, and several different types of activities like Gambit Prime. At its current price of $15, the Annual Pass is worth it for players with renewed interest.

If you have played through Forsaken and lost interest in the game afterword, don’t fret. Unless you’re particularly excited for the Shadowrun DLC exclusively there is plenty to keep you entertained.

More then likely the Destiny team will include some kind of light level boost in September to coincide with the release of new content, so currently the best things to grind towards are season exclusive weapons and armor, and to complete any exotic quests you are lacking.

For players, both new and old, Destiny 2 holds a wealth of improved content and quality of life changes for a richer and more rewarding experience. This is already paying off, as the game has recently hit 1.01 million players, the most it has seen following the release of Forsaken. Now that the franchise is 100% under the creative control of Bungie’s team, the future is bright.