Due To A Serious Bug, Destiny 2’s Heavy Grenade Launchers Are No Longer Functional

Due To A Serious Bug, Destiny 2’s Heavy Grenade Launchers Are No Longer Functional

The exotic heavy grenade launcher, along with its cousins The Prospector and The Colony, has been removed today, making Anarchy no longer the most deadly kid on the Destiny 2 block. With a few exceptions, all non-sunset heavy grenade launchers have actually been temporally disabled, making it impossible for players to load them.

The bug was added as part of this week’s significant patch, and player testing indicated that it caused some powerful grenade launchers to deliver damage that was more than double the normal amount.

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Even while Anarchy hasn’t been a meta threat since it was nerfed in July 2021, it would have become dominating as soon as the community caught on with such a big buff.

The following update was listed by Bungie in the Season of Plunder patch notes, which were released on Tuesday.

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Heavy Grenade Launchers now deals 10% more harm against majors and higher, excluding parasites.

It turns out that Parasite, which was left out of the buff because it already dealt plenty of damage, can still be equipped. Salvation’s Grip can also be used since, well, it’s bad.

The Colony, which has never been a major boss killer (and I doubt that it would even be with dual harm), has also been put on the wrong side of the law, which is not explained by that.

Nobody is very sure how the minor buff that was intended became so out of balance. Bungie wouldn’t have allowed teams to contend with DPS weapons that are totally broken, as the King’s Fall raid race is scheduled to begin on Friday at reset.

To handle scenarios like these, the developer is able to disable weaponry server-side without the requirement for a whole update.

Regarding King’s Fall, I’ll be attempting to complete the game on day one. If you’re interested in following along, Bungie has a page on how to do so here.